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The assumption that AI will soon run out of data to train on, or that it will become “corrupted” by training on AI-created content, is just an assumption. There are already cases where AI trains itself on AI data, and the limits of these techniques are not yet clear.
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Arvind Narayanan
A popular view. I get it — learning w/o human knowledge seems implausible, even insulting. But let's wait and see. We already know this is false in some domains like game playing — synthetic data *alone* (self play) yields superhuman agents. In which other domains can it help?…
David Watson 🥑
if humans can improve our world models through thought experiments, then shouldn't AI models be able to get better with synthetic data? of course, this only works up to a point w/o real-world experimentation, but reasoning & reflection seem to get us pretty darn far!
also, I think that the value of having a high-fidelity private digital repo of your life (a la ) will soon be so great that there WILL be lots more data to train on...just a matter of each person deciding what to keep secret vs. give up to foundation model developers
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My 10yo child, upon disagreeing with a parenting decision: “I understand this as much as I understand Icelandic. But it’s different, because even if I don’t understand Icelandic, lots of other people do. NO ONE else understands this decision but you.”